Karin, traveling !

Adventures and Discoveries – About a Life with Trust and Fun

Welcome! Lets share inspirations on Trust and Fun in Life. I am Karin, an author and poet. And a joyful traveller of time and space.

In my poems and books, I write in creative ways about moments in time that are filled with the pure joy of being on planet Earth. Because it is such a great blessing, a wonderful opportunity to discover, explore, meditate and enjoy. Life is about joy, trusting the process and embracing change. In every moment, NOW.

Come aboard, join the ride, share the joy and feel the breeze!!

Back to my author’s desk….

After launching my first book, I learned….

that it is a never-ending story!! Massively, typos popped up. Plus some helpful suggestions to change some wordings from early readers.

At first, I was devastated, my beloved book, such an unfinished thing? So imperfect, gush. Then, day by day, I am learning that my journey is not about doing things perfectly and meeting everyone’s expectation. It is about having fun in the process. And trusting that all is exactly as it is meant to be. Even the book as it is. Events are there to help me grow my trust.

What a hard lesson for me, but then on the other hand, what a hilarious twist. Because that is what my book The Olive Grove Lodge is all about. You always teach what you need to learn most yourself, isn’t it?

Therefore, I keep trying my best, with my book and all other aspects of an author’s life. It is my first book after all, and I intend to enjoy the ride. The Universe has my back.

The messy first version is still available here, if you want to take a look for yourself. May it encourage you and inspire you. Get your book now.

The power of creating one’s own reality lies in trusting the process and finding joy in the NOW. Read more in my blog posts. I see you there.

Happy travels everyone!!