Karin, traveling !

Adventures and Discoveries – About a Life with Trust and Fun

Welcome! Lets share inspirations on Trust and Fun in Life. I am Karin, an author and poet. And a joyful traveller of time and space.

In my poems and books, I write in creative ways about moments in time that are filled with the pure joy of being on planet Earth. Because it is such a great blessing, a wonderful opportunity to discover, explore, meditate and enjoy. Life is about joy, trusting the process and embracing change. In every moment, NOW.

Come aboard, join the ride, share the joy and feel the breeze!!


My first Novel is READY

Thank you Universe!!!

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So much to learn, so many adventures and discoveries. How to write, how to edit, how to publish. Trust me, I had years of fun working on this project!! And practiced a lot of trusting in the process. How many unexpected twists and turns, from a scrappy first draft in German to a finished original in English.

The Olive Grove Lodge started with its English Original, however, I will soon translate the book into German for my German readers (“Max im Olivenhain auf La Pacifica”).

All those who enjoy the English version, please get your book now.

Do what makes you happy. As if life were that easy…

Max meditates on the wisdom of La Pacifica.

The power of creating one’s own reality lies in trusting the process and finding joy in the NOW. Read more in my blog posts. I see you there.

Happy travels everyone!!