Author’s Research: How to make plant-based paints?

How, I wonder, would he best grow plants that can be used for oil paints.

summer meadow

For my book and my dear Main Character, I am trying to find ways to produce home-made acrylic or oil paint. Especially those, that come from self-grown plants, because my hero wants to make his own colors, at home, bio-organically. 

The famous painters of the previous centuries made their own colors. There are books and articles on plants or minerals they used. Some colors were made with horribly unhealthy ingredients.

I read through a few books that explain from which plant you can make what variation of yellow, red, etc. And that you need oil, salts, rubber and other stuff to add to the pigments.

But the planting process itself is not a topic of those books.

That called for another round of research on permaculture. 

In the age of bio-organic farming and having a garden to plant the adequate plants, what would work?

Which plants grow together in the same row in a permaculture approach? And which would mutually exclude themselves, because they can not be planted next to each other?

Say you want to mix pomegranade with privet and marigold? Yes, all can be used in the pigment production. 

I love rabbit holes, especially on any creative topic.

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Happy and creative days to you.


portrait of Karin with hat and camera