Throw your worries away!

Garbage bin stating Museum of modern trash. Found in Berlin, Germany.

What if you could just throw your worries into the garbage bin? And live happily ever after?

Sure, I understand, this sounds like a hollow phrase for many, who worry about their jobs, their loved-ones and more. Especially right now, with the global pandemic.

I invite you to give it a try. Trust first, happy vibes next, and then go and change the world with joyful energies and lots of creative inspirations.

  • I invite you to accept the situation as it is. Don’t wrestle with it. Throw your worries away, literally. Write them down and tear the paper to pieces. Burn it in a meditative session. Whatever works for you.
  • Instead of complaining about things beyond your control, rejoice at the little things here, now, and trust the process. Be active in the look-out for things that you enjoy. Right now, in this moment. The internet? Food and water? A warm place to stay?
  • From such a moment of inner peace, create your wish list. What outcome could best solve the issue at hand?
  • Dream big! Joy and happiness, friends and laughter, ease of live, merry times Don’t forget to put yourself into the picture. At that beach or the crackling campfire, you know.
  • And then move into gears, step by step, in a friendly and peaceful way.
  • Align with joy, every day. The sun, the rain, dogs barking, a call from an old friend. Joyful energies are so contagious. See how live swings around, when you act from joyful vibes, consistently.

Life is happening through you and for you, not to you. Manifest the live of your dreams from trust.

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Happy day to you!!