The Olive Grove Lodge

Book Launch Hurray! Get your copy from your favorite bookstore. A novel, contemporary, literary fiction. Magical realism on the island of La Pacifica in the western Mediterranean sea. Soul-searching, changing careers and life style, while trusting the process. Funny, inspiring and whimsical.

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Too young to retire and searching for fresh inspirations, Max quits his corporate career and travels South. He lands on La Pacifica, a hidden island in the Mediterranean sea.   

In the solitude of the Olive Grove and while hiking on unmarked trails across the mountains, he dives deep inside. In his quest, Max is supported by ravens, hawks and lizards, and encouraged by his witty, philosophical neighbors. 

“Just do what makes you happy,” they suggest. As if life were that easy? The residents on La Pacifica live what they preach. A surprising island as Max discovers. Is that a road sign to follow?

The Olive Grove Lodge by Karin Hatzmann, Berlin, Germany, 2021 ©

The Olive Grove Lodge is Vol 1 of the La Pacifica Series. Book two is in the making, with lots of treasure hunters and plenty of surprises in the mid-summer heat on the island. Stay updated by signing up to the newsletter.