Traveling, a creative way to see the world.

Traveling is such an adventure in time and space to the curious mind. A creative way to explore the world outside as well as the world within ourselves.

Since my childhood, I have travelled as much and as long as the situation and my budget would allow. And jumped right in, whenever there was an opportunity to combine my job with travel, for example by living and working abroad.

My greatest discovery was that the magic of traveling works with all distances, near or far, even without leaving your home. Good to know, especially in this pandemic, when a walk around the neighborhood is as far as you get.

How to travel in a creative way?

  • Every stroll becomes a joyful adventure, when you stay open-minded. So, get out there, if (and because) you can. Every day, reward yourself with a dose of fresh air, a change of scenery. Give life a chance to serve you adventures and fun.
  • Smile at the wonders, big and small. Sometimes, the little ones are the most fun. A dancing dog, a noisy crow, you get it. Not to mention, those synchronicities, yup, true magic at work.
  • Notice, what is there. Read those flyers on lamp-posts, the stickers on trucks, the headline of a commercial on a billboard. I take any taglines and plug them into my life. How does that sentence make sense in my situation, what does this tell me about my thoughts?
  • I laugh a lot, while walking my neighborhood. and I love to write poems about that. How do you note down any inspirations?
  • And let us not forget the journey within. Travel to yourself, discover the adventures inside! One of the greatest cruise to take! What is your favorite way to do that? Meditate, inquire your thoughts or do something creative?

Expecting the unexpected, being ready for surprises fills me with joy. That is, what I write about. Witty stuff, playful, joyful, in the moment. Sign up here to get the best updates.

Happy travels make happy days.