Trust & Play

Short and playful poems for joyful moments. Creative sparks to make you smile. To the curious adventurers of time and space.

Jump right in and enjoy these creative inspirations packed into short, playful poems with titles such as: “The Elder Bush Band, Beach Lessons, and A helicopter with caravan.”

  • An invitation to the land of creativity, where miracles happen when you trust and play.
  • The spark of humor found in everyday moments, even troubling ones. To the creative mind, there is an abundance of joy anytime and everywhere.
  • “Whiling away time” with creative eyes to discover “New Approaches” to life (two more titles of poems inside) .

This poem book contains over forty poems, written with a wink; encouraging, optimistic and full of life.

Get your copy (it is available as ebook or in print).

What, a poem book? Exactly, because poems are not only school stuff. Unless, of course, you were thinking of our hilariously funny School of Life. ;-).

Creativity works magic for all ages, even in rhymes.

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Happy Day to you!

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