Perfection will keep you in the victim mode

What a roller-coaster ride life sometimes is. Just now, I danced a merry dance, woohoo, happy vibes… only to be knocked over by the next surprise from reality. Somewhere, I made some mistakes that are now public. Horror, I failed at being perfect.

Gasp. The mind wanders into stories of the past and about the future. Huge stories, in which I have learned in traumatizing events that I must act perfectly to be safe and loved.

Immediately, the blame game sets is, despair and self-judgements torment the heart. Perfection is a learned response, that will fail us again and again. It will keep me in the victim mode of my old trauma.

My mind is all over the place. Except in the present moment. Which is, as it is. Breathe, get out of the situation, breathe more.

Healing starts inside

Beyond the immediate response to whatever is challenging me, I regurgitate the current event with an unrelenting flood of judgements. They are worthy of deep, internal inquiry. What, exactly, is triggering this response? What can I learn from the situation about my inner workings, my hidden painful stories that wait to be healed.

Healing always starts inside by listening to the stories and judgements that we torment ourselves with.

For me, during my roller-coaster book launch, I learned a lot about my existential fear of mistakes and how it is triggering me to this very day. What a revelation that was. I found so much to learn and heal. What a wonderful present, thank you to all who played along. Now, I can practice to let go of my fear and heal. Step by step, I can learn to laugh at my mistakes again, with ease of heart, and love me for trying and daring.

I wish you lots of courage to face your triggers and lots of love to heal them with. Let me know how you deal with your trigger alerts in life, I would love to learn more about that.

Traveling, a creative way to see the world.

Traveling is such an adventure in time and space to the curious mind. A creative way to explore the world outside as well as the world within ourselves.

Since my childhood, I have travelled as much and as long as the situation and my budget would allow. And jumped right in, whenever there was an opportunity to combine my job with travel, for example by living and working abroad.

My greatest discovery was that the magic of traveling works with all distances, near or far, even without leaving your home. Good to know, especially in this pandemic, when a walk around the neighborhood is as far as you get.

How to travel in a creative way?

  • Every stroll becomes a joyful adventure, when you stay open-minded. So, get out there, if (and because) you can. Every day, reward yourself with a dose of fresh air, a change of scenery. Give life a chance to serve you adventures and fun.
  • Smile at the wonders, big and small. Sometimes, the little ones are the most fun. A dancing dog, a noisy crow, you get it. Not to mention, those synchronicities, yup, true magic at work.
  • Notice, what is there. Read those flyers on lamp-posts, the stickers on trucks, the headline of a commercial on a billboard. I take any taglines and plug them into my life. How does that sentence make sense in my situation, what does this tell me about my thoughts?
  • I laugh a lot, while walking my neighborhood. and I love to write poems about that. How do you note down any inspirations?
  • And let us not forget the journey within. Travel to yourself, discover the adventures inside! One of the greatest cruise to take! What is your favorite way to do that? Meditate, inquire your thoughts or do something creative?

Expecting the unexpected, being ready for surprises fills me with joy. That is, what I write about. Witty stuff, playful, joyful, in the moment. Sign up here to get the best updates.

Happy travels make happy days.

Trust & Play

Short and playful poems for joyful moments. Creative sparks to make you smile. To the curious adventurers of time and space.

Jump right in and enjoy these creative inspirations packed into short, playful poems with titles such as: “The Elder Bush Band, Beach Lessons, and A helicopter with caravan.”

  • An invitation to the land of creativity, where miracles happen when you trust and play.
  • The spark of humor found in everyday moments, even troubling ones. To the creative mind, there is an abundance of joy anytime and everywhere.
  • “Whiling away time” with creative eyes to discover “New Approaches” to life (two more titles of poems inside) .

This poem book contains over forty poems, written with a wink; encouraging, optimistic and full of life.

Get your copy (it is available as ebook or in print).

What, a poem book? Exactly, because poems are not only school stuff. Unless, of course, you were thinking of our hilariously funny School of Life. ;-).

Creativity works magic for all ages, even in rhymes.

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Happy Day to you!

No certainties? Is Freedom!

Can you trust life and relax, knowing that all is well? The future is a possibility, we have no control over.

colorful fisherboats sitting on dry land at low tide, waiting for the tide to turn

Understanding this can be truly liberating, because:

  • We can stop stressing ourselves with the burden of control, the blame and shame game, in self-talk, internally, and with others, externally.
  • The future is a possibility, we have no guarantees for a particular outcome. That is why I suggest to trust instead, trust life, the universe, whatever you want to call that. Plenty of surprises in store at the magic universe.
  • What about those spices of our daily live, the ups and downs? I hear you. I believe, that all are supportive. Even when it is not very apparent in that moment. They come inclusive in the ticket to our joy in time and space. They make us choose a better solution, a better world, a better us.

So, if all is working for us, can we relax on the couch and wait for the magic to arrive with the delivery truck? I am not suggesting that. Life is happening through us and for us, so we need to move. Get out there and give it our best try.

Therefore, I invite you to trust and play, see the joy in life. Stay in the good vibes and try your best, with what you got and from where you are.

What are key items on your wish list?

What actions do you take, when you trust life, to manifest your dreams?

For spring 2021, my dream is finishing my upcoming fiction book. Sign up for my newsletter for updates on my writing.

And then, of course, I revel in big dreams: “Joy and happiness, friends and laughter, a merry tribe and so forth.” But that shall be another post.

Happy day to you,


Throw your worries away!

Garbage bin stating Museum of modern trash. Found in Berlin, Germany.

What if you could just throw your worries into the garbage bin? And live happily ever after?

Sure, I understand, this sounds like a hollow phrase for many, who worry about their jobs, their loved-ones and more. Especially right now, with the global pandemic.

I invite you to give it a try. Trust first, happy vibes next, and then go and change the world with joyful energies and lots of creative inspirations.

  • I invite you to accept the situation as it is. Don’t wrestle with it. Throw your worries away, literally. Write them down and tear the paper to pieces. Burn it in a meditative session. Whatever works for you.
  • Instead of complaining about things beyond your control, rejoice at the little things here, now, and trust the process. Be active in the look-out for things that you enjoy. Right now, in this moment. The internet? Food and water? A warm place to stay?
  • From such a moment of inner peace, create your wish list. What outcome could best solve the issue at hand?
  • Dream big! Joy and happiness, friends and laughter, ease of live, merry times Don’t forget to put yourself into the picture. At that beach or the crackling campfire, you know.
  • And then move into gears, step by step, in a friendly and peaceful way.
  • Align with joy, every day. The sun, the rain, dogs barking, a call from an old friend. Joyful energies are so contagious. See how live swings around, when you act from joyful vibes, consistently.

Life is happening through you and for you, not to you. Manifest the live of your dreams from trust.

Get creative, join the fun. To read more creative inspirations, sign up for my newsletter.

Happy day to you!!